Extensive Home Transformation

Client: Mr. Kausik Das
Location: Solihull, West Midlands
Date: February 24, 2021


West Midlands Home Improvements is proud to share an extensive renovation project carried out for Mr. Kausik Das. This case study outlines our detailed approach to transforming his home, highlighting the significant improvements made through a double-storey extension, an orangery, a side roof modification, a front extension, and a part garage conversion, alongside comprehensive internal works.

The Vision

Mr. Das aimed to modernise his property, creating a more spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home. His vision included expanding the living space, improving natural light, and updating the property’s overall look and feel. Our goal was to achieve these objectives with meticulous planning and execution.

Double-Storey Rear Extension

The centrepiece of the project was a double-storey rear extension, designed to enhance both living and sleeping areas.

Open-Plan Living: By knocking out existing walls and installing RSJs, we created an expansive open-plan kitchen and dining area, perfect for modern family living.

Modern Fixtures: The inclusion of patio doors and UPVC French doors added a sleek, contemporary touch.

Utility Readiness: Preparations for kitchen installation, including plumbing and electrical work, ensured the space was ready for a seamless transition.

Master Suite Creation: A new master bedroom with an ensuite added luxury and convenience, complete with a Juliet balcony for a touch of elegance.

Enhanced Comfort: High-quality finishes, from plastered walls to floorboards, ensured the new spaces were both beautiful and comfortable.


Increased Living Space: The extension significantly increased the home’s living area, providing more room for family activities and relaxation.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality: The modern fixtures and open-plan design created a more inviting and practical home environment.

Key Features:

Lantern Roof: The grey aluminium lantern roof with self-cleaning glass panels ensured the orangery was bathed in natural light.

Seamless Integration: French doors and patio doors provided easy access to the existing lounge and the single-storey extension.


Bright and Inviting Space: The orangery became a bright, inviting space perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

Improved Home Value: Such high-quality additions typically increase property value, making it a sound investment.

Orangery Addition

An orangery was added to bring additional light and versatility to the property.

Side Roof Modification

The side roof was modified to improve the home’s external appearance and internal functionality.

Key Features:

Dormer Removal: Removing the existing dormer and replacing it with a new roof structure created a more streamlined look.

New Windows: Installing obscure glass panels ensured privacy without sacrificing light.


Updated Exterior: The modifications gave the home a more modern and cohesive appearance.

Enhanced Privacy: New window placements provided necessary privacy for the ensuite.

Key Features:

Glass Front: The incorporation of a glass front enhanced the home’s curb appeal and allowed for more natural light.


Increased Space: The front extension added valuable square footage to the home.

Enhanced Aesthetic: The glass front created a striking, modern façade.

Front Extension

A double-storey front extension added grandeur and additional space to the home.

Part Garage Conversion Modification

Converting part of the garage maximised the use of existing space.

Key Features:

Storage Solutions: The addition of a storage closet ensured the space remained practical and organized.


Functional Space: The garage conversion provided additional usable space without compromising storage needs.

Key Features:

Open Spaces: Removing internal walls and the downstairs WC opened up the hallway and living areas, creating a more spacious feel.

Utility Enhancements: New doorways and plumbing connections were installed to improve access and functionality in utility areas.


Better Flow: The removal of unnecessary walls created a more open and flowing layout.

Modern Conveniences: Updated plumbing and electrical work ensured the home was equipped with modern conveniences.

Comprehensive Internal Works

Several internal modifications were made to improve the overall layout and functionality of the home.


The extensive renovation of Mr. Kausik Das’s home by West Midlands Home Improvements is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The project not only enhanced the property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality but also added significant value. Mr. Das now enjoys a spacious, modern, and beautiful home tailored to his needs.

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