Garage Conversions

Why Have A Garage Conversion?

If you have a garage that barely gets used, why not better utilise that space with a garage conversion? For most of us, a garage isn’t actually used to keep our cars in and instead, they often become an extremely messy and gloomy storage area of the house. There is certainly a better alternative to this!

Even though only one room is modified, a well-thought out garage conversion can completely revolutionise your living space. Whether it be used as an office, bedroom, playroom, gym or games room, the possibilities are seemingly endless. The other major added benefit is that the space can be transformed from a dark, dull area of your house to one which brings in bountiful amounts of new natural light. It is often considerably underestimated how much of a difference more light in a home can make.

Another benefit of garage conversions is that they allow you to make much better use of your existing property space without the need to extend. That means that there’s no encroachment on precious garden space and more often than not, garage conversions tend to be far more cost effective than any extension.

Garages are also often situated slightly away from general living spaces meaning a project of this nature will result in minimal disruption to yourself and your family. Whilst the conversion is being constructed, you can effectively go about your business without your daily routine being affected. Garage projects also take far less time to complete than extensions, minimising any disruptions even further.

Much like an extension however, converting your garage can add a significant amount to your property value. They are one of the cheapest methods of home improvement meaning garage conversions can produce one of the biggest returns on investment. if you’re looking to gain additional living space in the short term whilst increasing the value of your home should you ever wish to sell in the future, a garage conversion is a no-brainer.

Some of the frequent questions we receive about garage conversions include…How much does a garage conversion cost? Do I require planning permission? Or, what can I convert my garage into? If you’d like to know the answers to these questions, we’d need to know a bit more about the conversion you have in mind which is why we offer a FREE consultation to all enquiring customers.

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