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Transformational Single Storey Extension

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Transformational Single Storey Extension

How good does this single storey extension look!? This beautiful single storey extension is a sight to behold if we do say so ourselves. An open plan kitchen, lantern roof and bi-folding doors make for a stunning triple combo!

We transformed this space into a semi-open plan kitchen/living space where the kitchen loops around to the living area. A fantastic layout for any abode!

A central kitchen island, contemporary units, a lantern roof, bi-folding doors and spotlights purposefully scattered across the ceiling is certainly a recipe for aesthetic success.

Initially, this customer was looking for a solid flat roof replacement but when we told them about our prices and 0% finance options, they opted for a lantern roof instead!

These types of spaces really bring families together as open plan living encourages interaction between family members. In the age of being glued to TV, laptop and phone screens, the increased communication that open plan living spaces create is arguably much needed.

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